The Skinny on Types of CPAP Masks

This’s a five-point checklist that anybody in CPAP treatment can think about when they’re considering changing their present mask or should they’re searching for their first one.


From a therapeutic perspective, this is the most significant consideration.  Everyone ‘s face differs, and each CPAP mask differs.  It’s important to discover a mask that seals and fits properly onto the face, and this can protect against air leakage that may undermine treatment.

Air pressure is the trick to the efficacy of those masks, therefore any violation brought on by a poorly fitting mask will lessen the therapeutic grade of Lumin CPAP cleaner.  When there’s no doubt about the match of a specific mask, then request an experienced professional for advice.


The comfort of a CPAP mask is paramount in determining which to buy.  Comfort is distinguished from a match, as a mask may have an ideal match on an individual’s face and make the pressure that is distracting and potentially even painful.  A good way to comprehend this is by considering how we buy sneakers.

The reason so many men and women wind up getting uncomfortable shoes are they don’t encounter the exact match of a specific pair in the shoe shop and inquire, “Alright – they feel good right now, but what do they feel like following eight hours? ” Exactly the same with sprays used in CPAP treatment.  If you try one on, try to envision it on your face for eight hours.


In case you’ve discovered a mask you like and that fits nicely and appears to be comfortable, now you need to check out the quality.  Anyone can produce a CPAP mask and offer it for sale, but a number of the less expensive models are poorly made and therefore are more likely to cause problems down the road.

While searching for a mask, then start looking for names that are trusted for quality and reliability.  A few of them contain Respironics, ResMed, Puritan Bennett, Fisher & Paykel, SleepNet, CareFusion and AG Industries.


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